Tips for Sellers


Brent Miller Real Estate believes that, as Realtors, we develop a partnership with our Sellers. We have separate, defined roles that, when combined, bring about the results that we both want - the selling of your home.


A Realtor provides the required paperwork for listing the property, the marketing and advertising, the showings, can help solve an unforeseen problem that might occur with the property and assist with the negotiation of a Purchase and Sale Agreement as well as the Closing.


Sellers, the first impression that a Buyer gets of your property is often the most important one.

Pretend that you are the Buyer and look at your property with a critical eye.

Does the lawn need work - do the flower beds need cleaning up?  What about the house  exterior -  does the paint need a touchup or a complete redo - is the roof in good condition, etc.?

Now look at the interior of your home - maybe some rooms need decluttering or they need paint refreshing.  Perhaps the baths can use a new fixture or the kitchen a new appliance.  Do the important upgrades, stay within your budget - decide what upgrade(s) will give you the greatest return in the sale price of your home. Some Sellers hire a building inspector to see if there are any defects in the electrical, plumbing, etc., that they are not aware of that can can be repaired prior to marketing the property.


Be flexible about showings. Try to accommodate your Realtor’s requests to show your property.   It could be that last minute, inconvenient showing that brings you the right Buyer for your home. Do not be present at showings - Buyers need space to look at your home and to freely discuss your home with their Realtor.


Remember, your Realtor is your partner - communicate with each other.

Your Realtor wants to please you.  You both want the same result - to sell your home.